it´s all live

bo_reiner_suit_hand_20131[1]Two lines about ‘how to learn new stuff’ …

Go in futurelab and it is never boring to learn and later to use what you have learned. You are live on the scene watching as an ‘observeror interacting as a ‘player‘. Start first as an observer. We call such an observer [who cannot make any mistakes] an ‘EYE’ as you will look like an eye. For the eye-observer there is a special 3D viewer to download, we call this viewer version the ‘Hypergrid-Visitor-Viewer’. All the functions of the regular 3D-Hypergrid.Net-Viewer that an observer does not need are ‘invisible’ or ‘inactive’ [until set free by special functions-keys]. After you got the visitor-Viewer to run smoothly in your hand it is much easier to handle the regular viewer also well. This way of learning is not new as it was developed in the late 70th at the Art Departement of the University of Munich where I had the task to teach art students to use a computer for drawings [big mainframe at these day, no PC existed]. I was 19 years old at this time. Now at 56 years I can say: ‘I know the job of teaching technology a little’.

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