hw_signaturIt was about 1985 when I got my first computer with a color screen. It was easy to code lines, squares and circles via the embedded BASIC interpreter. I thought about how  to bring generative computer art I made years before on a plotter [pen drawing flatbed] to screen. The quality of the  colors was not good to make photos from the screen and to get nice Kodak papers for art exhibitions. Many of the colors looked ‘dirty’. So I decided to select and define my own colors for screen art: Computer Minimal Art found its way! I was lucky to meet Friedensreich Hundertwasser in New Zealand and spoke with him about ‘color selection’ and what ‘primitive forms’ are suited to get ‘true’ Computer Minimal Art. So I continued on it. Some pictures I made are influenced on this talk. And I will allways remember, he said: ‘my friend in my time you just need to run naked on the streets to get attention for your art. It was easy’.

But I learned more out of this talk: it has relevance when you talk ‘to the elders’. My project carries this message!

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