oberth_signaturAs a boy you may dream about traveling to the stars. I still dream of this. And in a way I made it. Our knowlegde and understanding of the world is expanding in many dimensions. Go IN FUTURELAB and see MONDRIAN3 cubes travelling to the stars by scanning human brainwaves [MONDRIAN3 is based on H.W. Franke´s 2D-art machine Mondrian 1979. An EPOC headset of emotiv is used].

I met Hermann Oberth in his museum full of his memories, packed with his ideas. He was right in time to see that the next generation will travel. Same counts for Konrad Zuse as he published in 1969 his paper ‘Computing Universe’.  To enjoy ‘Learning from the Elders’ is one of my principles. I learned from Oberth as he showed me over hours his world, barley able to move with his walking stick: ‘Your mission is not gone when its time to leave.’ Let´s make our mission a good one!

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