// This very short chapter in italic letters is for experienced users only:

In case you have already a Viewer software on your computer that is made for opensimulator worlds then just click on this link … and you get your login data for a temporary visit.

Add as Grid:

When there is a seminar running IN FUTURELAB third party viewers are blocked from login and you have to download the HYPERGRID.NET-VISITOR viewer. There is also for builders and scripters the HYPERGRID.NET [full] viewer in same visual design [based on Hippo development] available. So it is an easy move from being an obsever to become a builder. Everybody has started once as a Newbee 🙂 //


As it is outlined in the ABOUT section it does not need much to go IN FUTURELAB. The HYPERGRID.NET visitor viewer is made for Microsoft Windows only.

Click on the picture below [to enlarge it] and see how to download the VISITOR-VIEWER and install it [more at: 500 MB free space needed]:


The Viewer is asking for Login Data as an Observer. You get these Data by a script [php-routine]. Just click here …. to let the routine do its work.

Then you get this:


You enter the Data you got to login in the Visitor Viewer [You may check the credits, to see the viewer will work. What you get as system information might be different, as the technical data of your system are listed. We need this in case you are unable to log in]:


When successfully logged in you shall check and extend the settings [Menu: Edit, Preferences, Graphics], depending on the power of your graphic card:


Then enjoy to be IN FUTURELAB. It may look different as there is a fresh world generated for each topic.


You see yourself as an ‘EYE’, here in a world called ‘The MONDRIAN3 Art Volcano’. It was created for the ROBOT festival at Bologna 2013.

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